Have 12 drive sockets in 12 sized and 1316 deep for $5 each.Have 2 tappet wrenches in 34 x 1116 and 716 x 12 for $10 each.And 12 drive ratchet that works great for $30All Canadian made by Gray.
Older production Proto 12 drive deep sockets in 1 116, 1 and 1516Price is for all 3.I have lots of other vintage Proto and most other American made tools as well
Rare early Snap-on sockets and drive bars in 78 drive and 58 drive. The 78 drive sockets are in 1 34 and 1 58 sizes and the 58 drive are 1 716, 1 38, and 1 14 sizes. I have lots of other vintage American made tools as well.
Patent date of October 9th, 1900...great turn of the century rivet tool by Rex. Believe it was mainly used for leather work. Still operates smooth to use or as a great vintage industrialprimitive display piece as well.
Selling all my tools as a package. Numerous hand tools. power tools, good for mechanical work, auto repair, home repair. I was a work on anything guy. 90 Craftsman some Proto and SK. All in great shape not just beat up, some things are brand new, never used. Great deal for somebody that likes tools for jobs.
Cherry Manufacturing pneumaticair operated pop rivet gun. Commercial quality tool not a cheap china harbor freight junky thing Close to $600 new and works great.